There's this dog. His name was Alex. He was the best dog ever, everyone loved him. Everyone grew up with him in the Shipley family. He was more than just a dog, he was like a person. However, back in May of 2006, he was diagnosed with cancer. It was wrapped around his esophogus. They found it too late, so there was nothing anyone can do besides watch him suffer. We all thought he wouldn't have to go this soon. I just seen him yesturday and it was really sad. He was refusing to eat, he was shaking really badly, he was shedding like crazy, he couldn't walk up and down the stairs..he had to be carried, he couldn't sit straight and he was freakishly skinny. You could just tell when you looked in his eyes that something wasn't right and that he was hurting really bad. He was my grandpa's dog. We all thought that grandpa would put him to sleep on monday. But he got worse over night and grandpa couldn't take it anymore .. seeing him in pain. So he was put to sleep. Here's something I made for him

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He was more than just a dog, he was family. Everyone loved him. And he loved everyone. It's really hard on all of us, especially the ones who couldn't see him before he went. But he is still loved and he will be missed very much. I love you baby boy!!!
Walking On Broken Glass 08-09-06 19:57
So wow I didn't get to sleep til bout idk 6am.. and then bout 11am.. mom woke me up. A little after that, Matt woke me up... then mom woke me up again at 1pm.. and again at 2pm... and Matt woke me up at 2:50pm.. its like jesus christ people.. here I am.. TRYING to sleep ... only I can't because you keep waking me up. Ha. Yeah.

Anyways I didn't really do much today. Went to tae kwon do. The only one there besides the instructors. It sucked cause it was a really really hard work out and I felt stupid cause I forgot the first part of white belt and yellow belt... forgot the middle part - end of green belt.. remembered most of adv. green belt.. then of course by the time we got to my form I did it.. but there were some parts I was kinda stuck on.. yeah. Oh well. But damn it was a really hard work out, and I think after the warm ups jumping right into the forms.. and i had to do them atleast more than once... then finally i was able to get a drink of water. Haha yeah sparing I did pretty well in cause well idk I just like that part the best. Today we did the testing style which is just the mouth piece.. I like that one the most cause you don't have all that gear and what not.

Anyways so after tae kwon do, we went to Bass Pro Shop. ... Let me just say.. Oh my fuckin god.. lol. It's a big fucking store.. and guess what we walked all around it pretty much..ya know as if I wasnt tired enough. Then after that we walked around all of Hollywood Video store... then after that we finally got back to Omaha... and guess what we had Taco Bell for dinner.. I thought we were gonna go through drive thru.. but we didn't. We went inside.. its like omfg!! lol. I'm glad to be home and not on my feet.

Anyways I have a dentist appointment tomorrow at 11am. Joy. I know they're just gonna tell me how fucked up my teeth are.. I already know that. Lol. Whatever.. douches.

Well thats all for now.

So yesturday I get up to school and wait for Ms. Aerts... well guess what? It was canceled. Nice right? They can't fucking call people and say hey its canceled for whatever fucking reason. It's like their omish or something.. but oh wow I get brownie points.. whoop-dee-fucking-doo.

Anyways I only got like 3 hours of sleep because the landlord Yogi came over with the electricians. So yay no more sparks from the socket in the living room. There this one kid with the electrician named Dexter.. he was 19. Pretty cute i must say lol. But I looked like shit cause I slept on the couch and still in my p.j.'s and my hair was messy. Oh well.

My baby girl Karissa took her first steps today. Too bad I wasn't there. It's all good. (she's not really mine, but I pretend she is). She'll walk on her own again. I can't wait til her first birthday party in septemeber.

Well thats about it.
So yesturday was sunday.. and guess what I did? Not a damn thing. I woke slept til afternoon.. woke up of course didn't do anything besides get on the computer and watch boring tv. Well I did drive to the store and back but thats not very far.. ugh i need to practice merging before i take the test.

Anyways nothing really is new. It's 5:26am early monday morning. Can't sleep. Already tried. Besides I have to be up at 7am because I have to go up to school at 8am til noon for yearbook.

So yeah well idk what else to write, so I'll write later.
Soo looks like i'm the new one lol. Not really new. Just a start over I guess you could say. It's been along while since I've been on elowel. So I thought I'd make a new one cause I forgot my old one lol. Anyways things haven't been going that great but give me credit because I'm trying to make the best of it. One good thing bout this blog site is they don't know about it so thats good. Umm yeah its almost 1am and i'm bored as hell. Haha then again who isn't? Well I might hang out with A.j. tomorrow. I don't know. I hope so cause yeah. Anyways any seen the Pirates Of The Carribean 2 : Dead Man's Chest? For those of you who thought it was good, I was highly disappointed. It was funny, I'll give it credit for that but other than that it just dragged on and on and on and when I thought it was over .. it wasn't. Yeah they're already starting to make the 3rd one. Ain't that nice? I loved the first one. But yeah. Well I guess I'll write more when I have more thoughts. It's late and early and I should take my meds so I can actually sleep tonight. Peace out peeps <333